July 8 2020

Procrastination… and other forms of insanity

    Hi there, Strangers!

    Today we’ll talk about procrastination and the importance of cleaning the entire house, rearranging the library, the furniture and every single cupboard at home. And don’t forget scrolling through social media and calling it ‘marketing’. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I me too.

    I used to be able to concentrate on my writing no matter what. Like, I could focus fast enough to do 15-minute sprints in my work breaks or spend 7 hours straight writing. Now I sit down, open the document and the moment I hear a noise or lift my head I get this urge to clean anything and everything as if the Queen of England is coming to visit. Anyone else?

   Maybe it is my baby brain taking over (I just had a baby 11 months ago) or it is the fact that I haven’t written much in the past year, but it feels easier to clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner, go to the store and play with a crazy energetic baby than write a page.

   I’m going on a Writers’ Retreat in two weeks, so I am hoping I’ll get my creative juices going to kick-start this rusty writer’s brain. And if not, I’ll have to take even more drastic measures – like l stopping the internet and locking myself in a clean, tidy room. That will do it. I hope.

   How about you? How do you fare when the procrastination monster kick in the door and force you to do nothing all day? Do you have a trick or a ritual to get out of that mind space and get back to work? Do share, I’m ready to try anything.

     Anyway, I’ll go procrastinate some more for now, maybe watch one of Jenna Moreci’s or Writerly‘s videos on YouTube and get inspired enough to sit down and finish editing my damn book. Wish me luck!

Yours truly, 


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